Course on Social Media & Digital Marketing


Social Media & Digital Marketing is increasingly gaining more attention by businesses as opposed to just websites and offline marketing.


We recently decided to run a course on this topic specifically to inform and equip small business owners with the necessary tools and strategies to grow their business.

The Course took place in The Enniskillen Hotel.



The Presenter was Andrew Parle. Andrew is passionate about all things digital. He is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Social Media Trainer based in Dublin and has extensive experience in working with small and medium sized businesses.

The course was attended by 24 local business people topics covered included :-

  • The risk & advantages associated with Social Media
  • What steps to consider when devising a Social Media strategy for their company
  • How best to market their services using Social Media
  • A basic understanding & the importance of email marketing today

The feedback from all delegates was very positive and we hope to run  more events in the future on various business related topics.

Please contact our office on 028 6632 2500