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Business Records Check

HM Revenue & Customs have started issuing letters to clients informing them of a Business Records Check. What should you do if you receive a letter? Do not ring HMRC Please contact John Farry to carry out a review of your record keeping system  
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Big Red Cloud

A question and answer session with our Principal John Farry about the Big Red Cloud: Q1. Why did you choose the accounting software package you use? I was looking for a computerised bookkeeping package that was suitable for small businesses owners. Many clients keep very simple manual records which may include a Takings Book, Sales and Purchase Day Books and a Cheque Journal. Very few small busi...
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Starting your own business

Starting your own business is a very exciting and frightening prospect at anytime, however in the current economic climate the risks are even greater and success eludes many budding entrepreneurs. A lot of people start their own business first and after a few months later start thinking about engaging the services of an accountant.  It is more advisable to approach an accountant at the very beg...
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Cycling to Work!

John finds cycling to work adds up Last March, west end accountant John Farry made a lifestyle change for the better - - he began to cycle to work. “I was sitting looking out the window of my office on the Sligo Road and I saw more and more people cycling and I thought “I could nearly do that myself.’ I bought a bike and started it. Now I am getting keener and keener. Now it is wintertime I use l...
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