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Cycling to Work!

John finds cycling to work adds up

Last March, west end accountant John Farry made a lifestyle change for the better – – he began to cycle to work. “I was sitting looking out the window of my office on the Sligo Road and I saw more and more people cycling and I thought “I could nearly do that myself.’ I bought a bike and started it. Now I am getting keener and keener. Now it is wintertime I use lights. I have waterproof trousers and a high-vis yellow jacket and I keep my suit in the office,” he explained. “I live in Old Rossorry. It is a mile back and forth.”

Initially he was fearful. “I was absolutely petrified and stayed on the footpath. But I built up my confidence. It is better on the road and you make sure you can be seen.”

“It puts a smile on people’s faces. Somebody said to me – times are bad! Where is the BMW now?” he laughed.

Such is his dedication that he leaves his three year old daughter Christine by car to nursery at 8am, returns home and then sets on his bike to work.

His enthusiasm for cycling has now spilled over to the weekends and he recently joined a group a group of 50 cyclists who cycled round the lake up to Belleek and Kesk and back to Enniskillen.

This article first appeared in the Impartial Reporter


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